Greg Vail Video

Video Examples from Live Shows

CLIP #1 - This first clip comes from an early show with the Greg Vail Band
Live 1995 on the Wave Stage 94.7 LA - Greg Vail 8 piece band

CLIP #2 - A Solo Artist clip with an All Star Band - Tenor Solo footage

CLIP #3 - A short clip of Greg Vail performing The In Crowd from his Smooth Jazz Classics CD

CLIP #4 - Sax Solo Track performance at Saddleback Church for the Holidays

CLIP #5 - Live All Star Show features the EWI - opens with brief interview

CLIP #6 - Greg Vail Band 4 piece playing some Jazz - Equinox

Greg Vail Music - CD recordings

CLIP #7 - Smooth Jazz Classics CD - featuring David Pack on Guitar
You're the Biggest Part of Me - Greg on all 4 saxes

CLIP #8 - Smooth Jazz Classics CD - Klemmer's Touch
Greg Vail on Soprano Sax and EWI

CLIP #9 - Smooth Jazz Classics CD - Mangione's Feel's So Good
Greg Vail Flute, Alto Flute - features Mangione Guitarist Grant Geissman

CLIP #10 - Smooth Jazz Classics - Love's Gift