Greg Vail Session Cotracting

Greg Vail is available to record

I have recorded on tons of projects, listed on the bio page and thru the site - and - I have a great sax studio in my home!

I have recorded on many CDs from my living room! It is 2010 and much of the recording world involves studios and players from all over the world now - not just from around town.

I have recorded for clients in Indonesia, Romania, Russia, accross the US and players here in LA that like the sound I get in my studio and often prefer me recording here and sending tracks even when geography is not an issue.

The Cost is so much cheaper than the old days of flights and hotels and all! Now anyone can contract this saxophone player to record on a CD, commercial, radio interview, and so much more....

PLEASE FEEL FREE to contact Greg Vail with a description of the work you need done for a quick quote and great tracks sent to your email - schedule based on availability but we will try to meet any schedule needed!

Sax Sound - examples

People ask me for sound clips of my sax sound from my studio all the time. The best example I have is my latest CD - Smooth Jazz Classics! All the woodwinds were recorded right here and sent to the main studio for mix later. My instruments on my recording mics and gear is what I choose for my CD! SEE the Audio Page for any track from Smooth Jazz Classics CD and enjoy a nice sax solo or 2.

I can not really post tracks I have recorded for others but one of my international clients did post video and I will post it here. Alto Sax recorded at Greg Vail Studio - Pop Alto Track

Soprano Sax, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax, Flute, Picollo, Clarinet, Penny Whistles, Recorders, EWI Electric Sax with some really good samples to cover wind driven brass for horn sections and strings, horn arranging, and anything else you might need not mentioned.