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I love this Greg Vail Band show review posted by Alva Copeland.

"I used to read my Dads DownBeat Magazine when I was a little girl. This would have been your write up.......

'Greg Vail, aka the saxman, has got to be the baddest white boy to ever pick up a horn. He played with excitement, as well as expertise, also with passion, rhythm and life! A true musician, playing real jazz and having real fun. I think he took cuts in line when God was passing out gifts, but you can't be mad at him, he shared generously and this was a magnificent evening of music, on the side of a hill, called Saddleback Church. The only disappointment of the evening, was that it all ended much too soon."

Now that's my take on it and you know I don't have time for flattery. You did your thing and it did my heart good. I grew up on that stuff and it ministered to me! It was like being home. :-)"

Thanks Alva for the show review!!